Elephantine expression! Cabaret catharsis!
Symphonic silliness! Intense improvisation!

Throw it all together in a circus tent with a blindfolded string quartet and several suspicious horses, and…Voila! Cordelia’s new album “At the Pink Pony”. A spectacular work of maximalism, in which “more is more”, where the lyrics set the scene and the music tells the tales…

The songs are stories each unfolding in a different realm, ranging from a street-side café to a second-hand store, from a quiet cavern of contemplation to the wicked world that lurks inside our minds… 

Cordelia is an ensemble of 9 musicians from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, performing original music in English and Danish together since 2000.

“At the Pink Pony" is Cordelia’s long-awaited second album, released in 2009.

Stinne Henriksen, vocals
Kasper Bai, guitars, banjo, thingees, conducting
Henrik Lynbech, piano, organ, accordion, Rhodes
Kirsten Riis-Jensen, violin
Emil Carlsson, violin
Morten Møller, viola
Sofia Olsson,cello
Signe Gjesing, double bass
Kjell-Håkon Aalvik, drums/percussion